About us

As an open and future-oriented team, we bundle different characters and approaches. This gives us the chance to find innovative and sustainable solutions to problems.

A team of creative and technical minds

We are digitally rooted - our team grew up with digital technologies. We approach projects with curiosity and openness, always keeping usability for you and the users in mind.

  • Emily Müller

    Emily Müller


  • Fabian Fietze

    Fabian Fietze

    Frontend Development

  • Vina Dahl

    Vina Dahl

    Frontend Development

  • Polina Shkatula

    Polina Shkatula

    Frontend Development

  • Madlen Winkler

    Madlen Winkler

    Office Management

  • Florian Münch

    Florian Münch

    Frontend Development

  • Julien Seerig

    Julien Seerig

    Frontend Development

  • Lama Mtit

    Lama Mtit

    Frontend Development

  • Philipp Munzert

    Philipp Munzert

    Founder & Frontend Development

  • Müjdat Korkmaz

    Müjdat Korkmaz

    Frontend Development

We are looking for open-minded people

Can you imagine working in our team? Then get in touch with us. When we first get to know each other, we find out whether it fits between us and how we envision your entry at PHMU.
Philipp Munzert

Festnetz: 0351 160 893 57
Mobil: 0176 315 361 72
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