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Current job opportunities

Remote or in Dresden, full-time or part-time, junior or senior

Working at PHMU

Our understanding of working: Working life takes up a large part of our lives, so it should be flexible and manageable. If important circumstances change, your job at PHMU adapts to them. Workaholics? No thanks - you can only perform at your best when you're well-rested. And closing time means closing time.

Life in harmony

You organise your day yourself: Hitting the gym at noon? - good way to clear your thoughts for a moment. Appointments in the morning? - no problem, do your work in the afternoon then.

We share knowledge

Aquire and share your knowledge: you work in a young team, nobody knows everything and we are aware of that. Let us find solutions together that nobody has thought of before.

We iterate and learn

Don't ever stop learning: always question your steps. Does this make sense? Are there other ways to achieve the same thing faster?

We don't stand still

Sometimes out of, sometimes into the comfort zone: we work best when we feel good. However, we learn the most when we are open to new ideas and try out new things.

Get to know us and apply to us

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Philipp Munzert

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