Progressive web app / UX prototype

We have developed a demonstrator for user feedback to test the app concept.

The Challenge

The concept of a matching app for different target groups should be tested in practice and the UX prototype should be optimized for mobile use.

The Client

With around 5,000 students, the Dresden University of Applied Sciences is the second-largest university in the state capital.

Progressive Web App / UX Prototyp
The UX prototype should be optimized for mobile use

For a research team at the HTW Dresden, we built a mobile-optimized progressive web app as a demonstrator. The aim was to practically test the concept of a matching app for different target groups.

The matching app is intended to enable students, entrepreneurs, professors and other people involved in research to find potential partners or sponsors for projects. Here, according to the Tinder principle, people in their vicinity are suggested to the user who they can either reject or favor. If two people favor each other, this results in a match and the way for further communication is paved. Users are notified of a match and have the option to manage their personal favorites.

The challenge was to transfer the feeling of a native smartphone app to a progressive web app. We used Vue.js and TailwindCSS for implementation. With the combination of both frameworks, we were able to develop a functional prototype optimized for mobile devices in a short time. To get as close as possible to the feel of a smartphone app, we simulated loading times and touch interactions that are common for mobile devices.

Progressive Web App
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