Prototyping with a plan

Test your concept with a real product.


As an innovation coach, you successfully lead teams through the idea generation phases up to the testable concept. But now you lack the implementation skills? With our agile mindsets, we are the ideal partner for expanding your offer. Create direct added value for your coaching clients with testable prototypes.

The clarity in the goal setting
With our kickoff workshop, we will guide you to work out a precise definition of the functions of your future prototype. The features are defined based on requirements and the selection of the core functions is based on a methodical approach. The basis of the selection will always be the developed test hypotheses or test cases for the prototype. Thus, the scope of the prototype is clear even before the actual development begins and should only be changed based on the feature prioritization with a detailed discussion so as not to blur the result.
Think from the end
Together we develop specific test cases and hypotheses for your concept. This approach creates a prototype that allows you to draw real conclusions about your concept. We ask ourselves a few questions: Where is the added value for your future customers? Which feature makes the difference? Which functions should the product content, but are more likely to be given? Don't develop that-would-be-great-too but develop-what-we-learned-prototype.
Minimizing risk
Ideas and product development do not fail because of technical implementation. They fail because they were thought past the customer's request. With the approach of a prototype test of your concepts, you receive important insights into your innovation process and can correctly assess and evaluate functions. Nothing is riskier than working on the wrong customer benefit.
Transparency in development
You can view the current development status of your prototype at any time and give important feedback. From day 1 of the technical development, we provide you with the prototype with secure access online. Each update is immediately available for you to test yourself.
Progressive Web App / UX Prototyp

Process of kickoff workshop

Present ideas and process
What are the core concepts and hypotheses?
Feature Finder Session
Which feature combinations enable the most testable prototyping?
Determination of preparatory work