Innovation Day

One day packed with innovation techniques and methods.

How do you constantly develop and evaluate future-oriented ideas?

It doesn’t take a lonely genius to come up with the next big idea. You will find the most imaginative and at the same time most competent people in your company. Ideas are easy to generate – you just need a way to formulate them and test them with your internal teams.

Our Innovation Day Workshop gives you a methodical toolset to use with your team. Often it is the small changes that promote a culture of innovation and create space for great new ideas.

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What the workshop teaches

Generation of ideas apart from classic brainstorming

Get to know modern methods and approaches for developing ideas.

Interpret customer interviews correctly

Customers often don't tell you directly what they'd like to see. Learn to interpret customer statements correctly and translate them into features.

Testing ideas

Generating ideas may be the easier part, only successful implementation makes the real impact of an idea visible. However, before starting the implementation, you should test sufficiently to know whether it is worth the effort.


The workshop quickly showed us how to get away from everyday routines and create concrete prototypes from ideas using modern methods. The clear focus on the user is simple, but has not been a priority in our processes too often – unfortunately. Definitely more in the future, therefore.

- Mario Gärtner,  Sparkassen Versicherung Sachsen

We open our box of methods for you

  • User Research: Get to know your clients

    • Customer journey
    • User Tests
    • Client interviews
  • Problem analysis & definition: Correctly understand the actual problem

    • How-why lettering
    • Problem definition
  • Ideation: Break through mental blocks - for the time being, quantity over quality

    • Moderated brainstorming
    • Crazy 8s
    • How-Might-We questions
  • Prototyping: Entwickeln Sie so realitätsnah und gleichzeitig schnell wie möglich

    • Low-fidelity prototypes
    • Mockups
    • Storyboards
    • High-fidelity prototypes

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Can we solve our own current challenges on Innovation Day?

Your goal is crucial for the setup of the workshop. If you would like to concentrate fully on the new methods and approaches, we would be happy to bring a case study to the workshop. We are also happy to explain and apply the methods based on your challenges.

Philipp Munzert

Innovation Day

We are happy to support you in introducing new technologies and methods.

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