Vue.js Training & Seminar

Learn the modern JavaScript framework Vue.js and take your development projects to the next level.

You want to develop modern, state-of-the-art web apps quickly and easily?

From simple forms to completely reactive single-page applications: Vue.js offers enormous possibilities. The workshop teaches the basics of programming web apps with the progressive framework. Participants learn to select a project setup with complete webpack tooling, to implement a component-based layout, to connect necessary integrations such as Vue Router or Vuex and to publish their app.


What the workshop teaches

How to create a web app with Vue.js

Vom einfachen Einbinden des Vue.js Scripts in eine vorhandene Website bis hin zur kompletten Web-App mit Webpack und Babel. From simply embedding the Vue.js script in an existing website to a complete web app with webpack and Babel.

How to use directives and events within components

v-model, v-for or @click - Vue.js provides a variety of helpful directives and event handlers.

How to develop a layout with components

Das Layout in wiederverwendbare Komponenten zu zerlegen und mit Props zu arbeiten, hilft nicht nur den Überblick zu behalten, sondern macht Projekte auch flexibler. Breaking down the layout into reusable components and working with props not only helps to keep track of things, but also makes projects more flexible.

How to use Vue.js devtools

The Vue.js devtools make debugging the Vue.js app easier.

How to integrate routes

Complex web apps work with routes. Our workshop teaches setup and usage of the Vue Router plugin.

How to facilitate complex state management

State-based components enable reactive web apps. A centralized state can be developed and managed with Vuex.


Philipp's workshops are clearly structured and easy to understand. His way of moderation motivates and gives each workshop a candid character. I was able to take a lot with me, as critical question regarding the methods are openly discussed aswell.

- Michael Schulze,  Sherpa.Dresden GmbH

From beginners to experienced developers

  • Beginners: Starting own projects with Vue.js

    • Core concepts of Vue.js
    • Model–view–viewmodel Pattern
    • Data binding
    • Methods, watchers and computed propertiers
    • Event handling
    • Vue components
    • Working with props
    • Vue Router
    • Vue.js devtools
    • Vue-CLI
    • Vuex (Introduction)
  • Advanced: Developing complex Vue apps

    • Animations
    • Vuex (modules)
    • Deployment
    • Testing Vue components
    • Using GraphQL APIs with Vue
    • Best practices

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to book the workshop as an in-house workshop, is that possible?

The workshop can be carried out both publicly and in-house, exclusively for a development team.

I would like to use Vue.js in a project, how can PHMU support me in the implementation?

We support and advise with our experience in the implementation of Vue.js projects. Ideally, specifics and challenges can be clarified in a personal conversation.

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